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The team at My Soul Bath is here to help you reconnect with yourself in a positive and inspiring environment.

We understand everything needed so that your experience with us will be everything hoped for.

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Suzan Brittan,
CC. Ht.

Co-Owner - Healing with Sound


Suzan believes that to question, to inquire, and to seek understanding, is a core part of what it means to be human. Whether it’s at home or away on a retreat, we should always be inspired by the experiences of life. Her life experience is vast, reaching across the entertainment industry as a professional singer, voice-over artist, vocal coach, and writer - to climbing the corporate ladder at Discovery Channel, The WB, National Lampoon, and Advertising agencies. She sang with Prince, Luther Vandross, No Doubt, and Bebe Winan to name a few. But what forged her life's path was studying the magic of Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute - using her voice to help others heal.  Suzan is a published author and will soon release her first novel by a large publishing house.

The combination of all of Suzan's life skills from singing, and writing, to business and hypnotherapy - led her to MY SOUL BATH and the partnership with beautiful humans.

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Joanne Scorcia,
Reiki 3 - C. Mt.

Co-Owner - Healing with Energy

Joanne studied at the renowned OPEN CENTER in New York City and has been a certified Masseuse and Reflexologist for over twenty years, helping to recalibrate the bodies of celebrities, CEOs, and soccer moms. Her Reiki Reflexology gives clients focused energy while pressing and rubbing the zones of the feet and hands. It's like getting a neurological massage. Whether it's sleep, pain, muscle restriction, reproductive, or digestive issues, Joanne's empathetic and methodical approach leaves clients feeling rejuvenated, reconnected to their bodies, and totally relaxed.

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